Santa Maria Airport (SMA)
History, Facts and Overview

(Vila do Porto, Santa Maria Island, Azores Autonomous Region)

During the early 1940s, construction of Santa Maria Airport began and was officially completed by 1944, being mainly used by the military at that time. However, it was not long until the airport was being used extensively by civil passenger flights, offering a convenient Atlantic stopover point.

By the 1960s, Santa Maria Airport was thriving and responsible for bringing large numbers of tourists to the island's main resorts, including Vila do Porto, Prainha and Malbusca.

The facilities at Santa Maria Airport are surprisingly comprehensive and include a branch of the Banco Comercial dos Açores and a CTT Correios post office, as well as a left luggage service.

Shoppers will find several handy stores, such as LFP Travelshopping, the Ourivesaria Castanho jewellers, and the Tabacaria do Aeroporto bookstore. If you are in need of refreshments, the Café Concorde and Restaurant Concorde won't disappoint. A VIP lounge is available, although use of this space should be arranged in advance.

Santa Maria Airport SMA

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