Santa Maria Airport (SMA)
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(Vila do Porto, Santa Maria Island, Azores Autonomous Region)

A small terminal on the west side of the island, Santa Maria Airport (SMA) is the region's pioneer international airport, having received certification for international civil aviation some 50 years ago. Located close to Sao Pedro, Santa Ana, Flor da Rosa and Aerias, Santa Maria Airport serves regular flights throughout the Azores, as well as flights to Lisbon on the Portuguese mainland and connections to the Czech Republic and Venezuela.

International charter flights also connect through Santa Maria Airport, and in total, the airport annually serves approximately 75,000 passengers. The island of Santa Maria itself is located at the southern and eastern extreme of the Azores, and is the third smallest.

Travel into the main town of Vila do Porto is simple. Drivers need to head south on the main coastal road, which leads straight into town. Public transportation and taxis are available from outside the airport terminal. Santa Maria Airport is also close to Almagreira and Sao Pedro, both of which are just a short distance to the east. Further east and connected by bus are both Santo Espirito and Santa Barbara.

About Santa Maria Tourism / Vila Porto

Part of the Azores archipelago, Santa Maria Island was the first island to be discovered and populated by the Portuguese. The quaint island's attractions are mainly historical and religious buildings dating back to the 15th century.

Today, the island is primarily a farming and fishing island, with a downtown area in its main urban centre of Vila do Porto. Santa Maria Airport (SMA) lies on the far western side of the island, just north of the town of Vila do Porto, the Ponta do Malmerendo and the Ponta do Marvao.

Contact Santa Maria Airport (SMA):
Address: Vila do Porto, Santa Maria Island, Azores Autonomous Region
Airport Code: SMA
Tel: +351 296 820 020
Fax: +351 296 886 335
Santa Maria Airport SMA

Santa Maria Airport SMA

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